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How To View Private Instagram Account Without Following Them:-

For ANDROID :- Goto Setting –> Battery –> High Performance Mode

ENABLE the High Performance Mode this is going to make sure that the background app refresh mode is enabled incase you don’t see the option in under battery then do not worry , in won’t affect the process ( View Private Instagram )

For IOS :- Goto Setting –> General –> Background App Refresh

Set Background App Refresh to ON ( By simply taping on the option and select Wifi & Mobile Data )

After doing the following setting on your IOS device you are set to go.

How To View Private Instagram Account Without Following Them:-

After you have done the above setting on your device :-

1. Goto to this link :Click here

2. Under Search option search for Insta , you will get Instagram++ Simply Tap on it and give it a couple of seconds and it will be ready.

3. Then follow the injection process and Tap the button and download the file soo that it could download the injection file and open each application for 30 sec and goback to the injection page …

4. Once the injection is done just go and restart the device .


Now you can view anyones private profile using Instagram++

Apk Info

Name:Instagram++ Apk
Developer:Atnfas Hoaks
Last updated:October 15, 2019
Team:Jailbreak Mods
Size:17.45 MB

About Instagram++ Apk.

As we stated above instagram++ is a free version of the original Instagram app. But the Apk has a lot of features that are not available in the original version.

  1. download photos and videos.
  2. view the profile picture in full size.

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