Carryminati video tiktok vs youtube tough fight

carryminati roast

Carryminati tiktok vs youtube video trends on Twitter after it was pulled down by YouTube. Many youtubers protested against this.

After dominating trends all through on Friday with fans coming up in arms demanding ‘justice’, Carryminati aka Ajey Nagar broke his silence on the controversy over the deletion of his TikTok vs YouTube video. The YouTuber said it was ‘hard to accept’ that his roast video was pulled down and called it a ‘frustrating day.

People shared link over Whatsapp to their friends and relatives to sign the petition soo that the video could get back on Youtube.

Click here to Sign Petition

With the emergence of online platforms like YouTube and TikTok, many stars who have flourished and have attained popularity. Be it serious news, funny videos or performance-based acts, many have become famous, some even more than film actors and singers. Not just that, they also enjoy a fan following in millions.


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Famous Youtubers who protested against :- Aman Dhattarwal, Ashish Chanchlani ……

“It was just a fun roast,@CarryMinati. Everything else aside, I’m rooting for you. Keep the good content coming in buddy #carryminati #carryminatiroast,” was Himash Kohli’s reaction. However, there were others like Kamaal Rashid Khan who justified the decision taken by YouTube.

My self satya prasad from AP. I watched youtube for years, since my childhood. So, I’ll talk about YouTube vs Tiktok as an viewer, and I don’t make content anywhere.

so, I’ll do this jugalbandi or ‘vs’ thing in my own way.

  1. Type of platform.
  2. Type of Content.
  3. How to reach the Cream.
  4. Adult Content!!
  5. Copyrights.


  1. YouTube is a online video platform, in which you can either upload or live stream or premiere your videos. You can also offline your videos in the app only. You can join your favourite channels with paid memberships to get access to exclusive content. People can do Super chat in livestreams by paying money to get attention of the youtubers. YouTube generate revenue from adds etc and also pays youtubers too. YouTube is free of cost.
  2. YouTube is a home to all genres of videos of any length. It can be education, motivation, music, movies, short films, documentaries, tutorials, vlogging, technical, scientific, entertainment, etc. You name it, it is there.
  3. To reach top of youtube, you need to have a great content, it is not at all easy to grow up in youtube, even to reach 100k subscribtions you must do penance(generally speaking). From 100k to above your journey is an example to people. As they are paid, lots of money gets invested in making videos. That’s why we have die hard fans for youtubers(bollywood also feels jealous sometimes). The creamy layer of youtube is a big social influence. YouTube targets every kind of people. Target audience is big and wide.
  4. Adult Content oooh!! spooky and naughty haa, yes youtube is like a stone, you can pelt it or you can build sculpture. Yes adult content is very high in youtube, and it has put stringent efforts in controlling adult content not to reach kids and minors, such as age restriction, youtube kids etc. Still, you can access it with fake age account.
  5. Copyrights is the best thing in YouTube, nobody can copy your content without your permission. You wish you can strike a claim against copying content.


  1. It is also a online video platform, where users upload videos max upto 60 sec or below. It is mostly a mobile application, not at all great website. Nothing like adds, so no revenue and absolutely free. You can message in this, but not in youtube.
  2. Tiktok content is mosty fun and entertainment. It has a very negligible amount of educational content. Content in this app is dub smash,dance, singing etc. As the video length is limited, so becomes the content. Target audience is mostly youth when in fun mood mostly.
  3. To reach the top, you need to give as much entertainment as possible. That’s it , no other option. As Tiktok is the rapid growing platform, creamy layer is also social influencer, but not as big as youtube. Even cream layer got notice from film industry, but no die hard fans.
  4. This platform has also hosts much adult content like youtube, but without any regulations. So it makes worser than youtube.
  5. There is no such things such as copyrights in Tiktok, so one can use others content, without any permission.

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